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Your Post Surgical BFF... Compression Garments

Meet Your Post-Op BFF… Compression Garments

Are you currently counting down the days till your surgical body contouring procedure and already shopping for your new wardrobe to show off that new physique? 

While you’re working on that post-op checklist, one item that may not get a lot of attention but will soon become your new BFF are your compression garments. While the list of recovery essentials varies based on the procedure, if undergoing common procedures such as liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), or Brazilian butt lift (BBL) compression garments play a key role in the recovery process. Immediately post surgery, compression garments are most often prescribed during the initial phases of recovery to assist in the healing process and enhance results. 

What are post-op compression garments?

Available in various styles and sizes, post-operative compression garments are specialized clothing pieces designed and manufactured for various parts of the body to reduce discomfort, minimize swelling and improve circulation. Made with durable breathable synthetic fabrics with  multi-dimensional stretch,high quality post-op compression garments such as LURI’s transformational full body shaper reinforce the newly shaped body area and also prevent skin irritation while recovering. 

Key Benefits of Compression Post Surgery

The consistent use of compression garments postoperatively is an essential part of postoperative care. Here are a few key reasons why it's worth it:


  • It promotes faster healing. The less swelling you experience upfront, the less time needed to get rid of it. The consistent pressure from the high-tech compression aids your body to reabsorb excessive fluid that can accumulate from post-op swelling. 
  • Your results will look better overall. Compression garments prevent a wrinkled skin appearance after undergoing a surgical body contouring procedure while also aiding the skin to reshape into the body’s new silhouette. 
  • Prevents post-op complications related to blood clots. 

After surgery, how should a compression garment be worn?  

Immediately post-procedure, a compression garment will likely need to be worn up to support the recovery process for several weeks afterwards. The length of time will be determined by your surgeon based on the extent of procedures you’ve undergone and by the particular surgical technique applied. While the garment should fit snug but it should not be overly restrictive or apply excessive pressure. However, it should cover the full extent of the area treated. To ensure a smooth recovery and optimal results, it's also important to follow the guidance and aftercare instructions provided by your physician. 

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