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LURI Affiliate Program

At LURI, our goal is to ensure all women feel beautiful. Whether you've just given birth or are taking your first surgical journey, we want to ensure you feel supported & encouraged. Join the LURI team today.



Luri is home for women falling in love with their bodies. In the aftermath of a surgical procedure, the limited options of garments available still leave women wanting to hide their beauty rather than flaunt it. Most post-surgical apparel brands offer comfort at the expense of style, resulting in dull clothing designs. That’s why we exist!

Our apparel is carefully crafted to complement all body shapes and to make transitional apparel fashionable—without compromising comfort and quality.


General FAQs

How does it work?

Register by visiting our affiliate registration page. Upon doing so, we'll receive your inquiry and review your form. If you're approved, you'll be notified by someone on our team within 24-48 hours with a link to officially register for an affiliate account.

What are some things you're looking for in an affiliate?

First & foremost, Luri is about women supporting women. We want to see that you believe in that mantra whole-heartedly. We'll also be reviewing your social media channels, engagement rates, and you as a whole to ensure you align with our values.

How will I know my discount code?

After we've approved your account and you've officially registered for our program, you'll receive an email with a unique code, exclusive to you. You're able to begin promoting Luri immediately.


How does it all work?

Great question! Luri offers your followers a unique discount code for 10% off their purchase and you receive a 10% commission per sale.

How will I be paid?

Upon officially registering (after your account has been approved), you'll be prompted to provide your paypal email address. On the last day of each month, our team will send payments out for the month prior.


If a purchase was made with your unique code and then returned within the 14 day window, that return does not count towards your active earnings for that month.

Affiliate Policies


Luri reserves the right to deactivate any affiliate's account at anytime, with no explanation. We are committed to protecting our brand at all costs. This can be due to (but not limited to) slander, negative usage of Luri's brand materials, negative social image, misusage of discount. codes, or a general misalignment with the Luri values. The Luri brand is not to be advertised or shown within illegal activities.


At Luri, the apps we use track cookies to ensure our customers are receiving the best experience possible but also to track your followers' activity and track discount codes.

Relationship & Terms

By registering as an affiliate, you agree that Luri and our affiliates are not engaged in a formal job agreement. Our affiliates receive commission when their discount code is used for a purchase and that purchase was not returned within our 14 day return window.