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Tips for Feeling Good After a BBL Procedure

Brazilian butt lift (BBL) can give you the butt you've always wanted but it comes with a recovery period that often limits what you can do for the first few weeks after you receive treatment. A BBL treatment procedure removes fat from parts of the patient's body such as the waist, back, arms, and thighs.

After a Brazilian Buttock Lift, It's Time To Relax.

The most important thing to remember about your BBL recovery is that it will affect your daily routine. To make life easier for people who have had BBL, here are some basic recommendations:

1. Imaginatively Sitting and Sleeping!

Take it easy over the next two weeks, and don't sit or lie on your bum! Sitting puts pressure on the area and can affect the results. Therefore, you may need to come up with some novel ways of sitting. Avoid sitting at all costs. This can be a difficult phase of BBL rehabilitation. If you think about how much time you spend sitting throughout the day, it's a common position for many people. Spending time sitting at a desk, café table, or in front of a screen is a common occurrence for most of us. Sitting on newly relocated fat cells may cause the cells to shift and potentially alter the contour of your results.

2. Wearing A Compression Garment!

Compression garments are required for the majority of cosmetic surgery operations, such as breast augmentation and liposuction. Because of this, your doctor will advise you to wear a specific garment to help reduce swelling and hasten the healing process once your surgery has been completed. Compression garments put pressure on the affected area to keep fluids from accumulating and to aid in the healing process. Using a BBL recovery pillow during your BBL recovery may take some time to get used to, but it's essential to do so.

3. Eat Right and Drink Plenty of Water!

Following surgery, eat healthily and drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated. Eat a protein-rich diet after surgery to speed up your recovery. Anaesthesia and other poisons can build up if you don't drink enough water.

4. Get Moving and Be on the Lookout for Infection Signs!

A month after your surgery, it is recommended that you refrain from rigorous exercise. However, this does not imply you should not begin moving. You don't need anything more than a stroll through the backyard or through your bedroom. Being active after your BBL surgery will hasten your recuperation, boost your blood circulation, and potentially improve your outcomes.

Keep an eye out for any infections that may be developing. If you suspect an infection, contact your surgeon promptly. You'll know exactly what to look for when it comes to monitoring your recuperation from your doctor's guidance.

5. Keep a Healthy Body Weight!

Maintaining a constant weight is essential to maximizing healing and results. Patients who have BBL surgery are frequently in good health and have a steady weight. You should not begin a calorie-restrictive diet during your recovery period. It's also not a good time to start a strict exercise regimen in order to lose weight. Refrain from engaging in any intense exercises or going to the gym until your doctor gives the all-clear.

6. Don't Smoke and Stay Dry At All Costs!

Avoid smoking for at least two months following the surgery. For this reason, you should abstain from smoking as much as possible. 

Avoid taking a bath or shower while you're recovering from BBL. For the time being, avoid taking a bath, hot tub, pool, or beach to help your recovery. As a precaution, you should avoid soaking until your wounds have totally closed. Showering can begin after three days if it is safe to stand.

At The End: How Should You Sit After BBL?

After a Brazilian buttlift, it's hard to sit. When you're tired, eating, watching a movie, or going to bed, you sit down. After a buttlift, you can't sit for weeks. Sitting while the fat is still settling can affect your therapy and recovery.

You'll have to sit down eventually. Keeping your bottom pressure-free is key. When sitting, try these tips:

  • Don't spend more than five minutes in a chair, especially in the first two weeks after therapy.
  • Improving blood flow by sitting erect.
  • Use a BBL pillow to recuperate (also known as a doughnut-shaped pillow).
  • Turn a chair around so your buttocks are off the seat to ease the pressure.

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