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Do You Know Why Compression Garments Are Best For New Moms?

Congratulations, Mumma! You survived labor, delivery, and nine months of pregnancy! Your body went through a lot during the past few months…

Maternity compression clothing aids postpartum recovery. Learn how postpartum compression garments make parenthood easier!

Compression Garments and Postpartum Recovery

Compression garments for each birth type help moms care for their bodies and babies. Vaginal postpartum compression garments stabilize, support, and promote circulation to minimize swelling and pain. C-section compression garments help recover, reduce swelling, and support the incision. These products help moms heal.

Do You Know What Is Postpartum Shapewear?

Body Shapewear is tight-fitting nylon or spandex compression clothing. New mothers have many choices.

Postpartum girdles, support belts, belly wraps, recovery belts, and more are shapewear. Each form of shapewear supports your abdominal and spinal muscles.

What's The Difference Between Shapewear and Postpartum Compression?

New moms often wonder if they can use full body shapewear instead of postpartum compression garments. However, these two products have distinct effects on moms' bodies. Shapewear mainly just compresses and shapes a woman's figure without considering comfort. Shapewear doesn't support new parents' body areas because it's constructed of less breathable materials and has limited stretch.

  • Postpartum compression garments, however, are made for moms. Compression garments have supporting panels and breathable fabric to promote healing and protect mums' most affected areas. With a doctor's prescription, parents may receive a free compression product from insurance.

  • We realize these long months of pregnancy and labor and delivery have been hard. Compression clothes aid postpartum recovery. Mama, you're Ok!

  • You and your baby experience numerous firsts in the early days of parenting. You'll heal your postpartum body while raising your new baby. Your body has endured a lot throughout pregnancy! Be patient as you acclimate to your new normal. In the weeks after giving birth, shapewear is a great way to support your body.

Compression Garments Benefits For New Moms

Compression garments aid new mothers in several ways:

  • Back and pelvic pain reduction
  • Promoting postpartum healing
  • Supporting posture
  • Facilitating mobility

Postpartum shapewear can help moms heal from diastasis recti or a cesarean section. After giving birth, muscles may be sore, weak, or overused. Shapewear supports you throughout the day.

Best Type of Compression Garments For New Moms

The maternal compression garments you choose will be determined by your symptoms and stage of pregnancy or postpartum. Your doctor or midwife may prescribe this clothing, so it's best to consult them. Check your insurance coverage, as it may cover some of the costs.

Compression Leggings

Childbirth alters your body, and while many of these changes are expected, it is never easy for any woman to face the initial physical changes that occur in the hours, days, and weeks after childbirth. When you're learning to care for your new baby and your body, postpartum compression leggings may become your favorite wardrobe item.

The finest postpartum compression leggings will:

  • Shape your natural silhouette to feel good about your appearance.
  • Stay on your waist to support your postpartum body.
  • Comfort yourself with moisture-wicking and cooling technologies.
  • Two-ply crotch support gives you confidence.
Postpartum Body Shaper

Postpartum Body Shaper

It's natural for women to want to get back in shape after motherhood. While your body has changed dramatically over the past nine months, it's natural to want to feel like you did before pregnancy.

Compression garments can help you restore your appearance and speed up the healing process after giving birth. The Full body shaper is one of the greatest postpartum compression garments. This unique compression garment smooths and shapes your body while supporting it to heal.

The postpartum body shaper may help if:

  • A postpartum compression garment that smooths and shapes your tummy, hips, waist, and thighs is what you want. From below the bra line to the middle of the thigh, this compression garment provides full support.
  • You need a compression garment to heal. The postpartum body shaper softly lifts your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.
  • If this compression garment will support you, talk to your doctor.

In the end,

After surgery, compression garments minimize swelling, prevent bruising, support weak muscles, and keep the skin in place. To ensure optimal fit and size, ask your surgeon how long to wear your garment after surgery. Compression garments are also recommended by doctors for new moms, as they help them recover faster.

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