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4 Reasons You Need a BBL Recovery Pillow After a BBL Procedure

Many patients may not realize what a BBL recovery pillow is since they are more concerned about their liposuction operation than the healing process. You shouldn't lie down or sit with your back arched for some time after this treatment. Your doctor will provide you with a BBL pillow to use for a few weeks when you're ready to sit.

This is because those specific cushions are made to take the strain off of your bottom and thighs while you're seated. Long periods of sitting won't harm the fat you've recently transplanted.

  • A BBL recovery pillow is shaped in such a manner that you don't have to tense your back or neck sitting upright, and it's elevated just right so that you don't have to strain your legs.

  • Donut-shaped pillows and standard travel pillows are used as alternatives to BBL pillows, but they are not as effective or comfy.

But the question is how to recover from the BBL procedure. Don’t worry, we are here to help….

In most cases, the most excruciating pain from a Brazilian butt lift will occur in the first few days after the treatment.

  • You may have got a bruised and swollen butt.
  • Expect some mild bleeding from your incisions.
  • Sometimes, you may experience fluid retention in the afflicted areas.

Though there are many other things you can opt for recovery, but the BBL recovery pillow is the best option to recover fast and effectively.

Do you know what a BBL recovery pillow is?

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a technique that helps you lose weight and enhances the appearance of your buttocks at the same time.

These Brazilian butt lifts may sound like other "lift" procedures like facelifts and breast lifts, but they are actually quite different. They are more painful and need extra care while recovering. Most people opt for compression garments and BBL recovery pillows to prepare themselves for the Brazilian butt lift recovery.

The newly transplanted fat cells can be shielded from undue pressure by using this specialized seat cushion- a BBL recovery pillow. The recovery pillow is designed to distribute your body weight evenly across your thighs instead of your buttocks.

Reasons You Need A BBL Recovery Pillow:

Now that you know what a BBL pillow is, you should also know the important role it plays in the healing process following BBL treatments. Here are a couple of reasons you need a recovery pillow:

  • Doesn’t Pressure Your Butt

The BBL recovery pillow will initially allow you to sit comfortably without compromising the outcome of your surgery. During the recovery time, you need to avoid prolonged periods of sitting to prevent damage to the newly grafted fat. You can't sit or sleep on your back until the fat cells have settled and healed, which can take quite some time.

The good news is that you can prop up your thighs on the best BBL recovery pillow while leaving your butt dangling off. For this reason, you won't touch your grafted fat. Plus, using our BBL recovery sleep pillow, you can easily stretch for a while without feeling any discomfort.

  • BBL recovery pillow- beneficial for everyday use

We understand that after the procedure, you’ll be spending most of your day seated. Any time you leave the house, you'll want to get your regular pillow before you go. The burden of its weight ‌will add significantly to your troubles. 

However, with our BBL recovery pillow, you won't even notice its weight on your hands because they are so feather-light.

They are also shipped with their bags. Hence, you won't have to worry about finding an ideal cover or cleaning any dirt off after every few hours.

The nice part is that our BBL recovery pillow comes in small sizes that may fit on almost any chair. Thus, you can relax in your seats at the doctor's office or the movie theater.

  • Limits Fat Absorption

Most times, the newly grafted fat cells do not survive after BBL procedures, leading to the re-absorption of the fat. To what end does this occur, though?

Because of reduced blood flow, function deteriorates when seated for extended periods. Fat cells can't adapt to their new surroundings if they don't receive enough oxygenated blood. 

With a BBL recovery pillow, however, you won't have to worry about your butt being compressed while you relax in a chair. Because of this, your fat cells will receive the oxygen and nutrients they need to thrive, and your blood pressure will be normal.

Poor skin elasticity, a large amount of grafted fat, the patient's smoking history, lack of knowledge of the recovery procedures, and lack of knowledge about the protocols themselves are all risk factors for fat re-absorption. Therefore, it's so important to adhere strictly to your doctor's orders.

  • Helps in sitting comfortably

You may find our BBL recovery pillow very suitable because of its firmness. Our pillows‌ have optimal heights, strong support systems, and ergonomic designs to guarantee your ease and relaxation.

Moreover, memory foam is the material of choice for the vast majority of BBL recovery pillows. This sort of foam uses your body’s pressure and heat to mold itself, making it more comfortable every time you sit on it.

With Luri, have no fear that your BBL sleep recovery pillow will give way under the pressure of your thighs; its sturdy construction can withstand loads of up to 199 kg. With the right pillow placement and back support, you can sleep better than ever.

Final Thoughts

After many celebrities and models had Brazilian butt-lift operations done, they became quite popular. A best BBL recovery pillow is essential if you ever decide to have one done. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your healing time, our recovery pillows are an absolute must.

You should think about the pillow's material, cover, shape, and portability before making a purchase. With the information provided here, you should be able to select the most suitable BBL pillow for your needs and have a restful period of recuperation.